September 11


13:00-13:45 Arrival & Lunch Foyer, Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
13:45 Julia Yeomans (and Amanda Sarkar) Welcome (and Messages) 
14:00 John Ellis Astrophysical probes of Lorentz symmetry 
14:30 Subodh Patil Are primordial fluctuations really scale invariant? 
15:00 Keith Olive Concordance BBN 
15:30 Elisa Resconi Subir, I have a question for you
16:00-16:30 Break Foyer, Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
16:30 Dan Hooper Pondering cosmic rays with Subir 
17:00 Wyn Evans Dark matter hurricanes, cyclones and downbursts 
17:30 Felix Kahlhoefer Interactions about self-interacting dark matter 
18:00-19:00 Drinks Reception Foyer, Beecroft Building


September 12


09:00 Arman Shafieloo Status of the concordance model of Cosmology
09:30 Nathan Secrest The dipole problem in cosmology 
10:00 Ruth Durrer My two cents on the cosmic dipole 
10:30-11:00 Break Foyer, Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
11:00 Christos Tsagas Tilted universes & the deceleration parameter
11:30 Mario Santos Cosmology with MeerKAT & the SKA 
12:00 Sebastian von Hausegger Reconstruction in cosmology 
12:30 Ed Copeland Primordial black holes & stochastic inflation 
13:00 Conference Photo Foyer, Beecroft Building
13:05-14:00 Lunch Foyer, Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
14:00 Alan Watson Subir, high energy neutrinos and the Pierre Auger Observatory 
14:30 Luis Anchordoqui From the Auger collaboration to the FPF initiative 
15:00 Andrew Taylor Echoes from Centaurus A's Active Past
15:30 Jenni Adams Galactic neutrino sources: Determining the most promising sources associated with supernova remnants 
16:00-16:30 Break Foyer, Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
16:30 Gianluca Gregori Laser experiments probing cosmic ray transport in the laboratory 
17:00 Jim Hinton Very high-energy gamma rays 
17:30 Samuel Ting AMS-02 on the International Space Station 

Conference Dinner

Herbi Dreiner

St Anne's College, 56 Woodstock Road OX2 6HS

After dinner speech 


September 13


09:00 Philipp Mertsch Cosmic rays and galactic dust: maverick-syle
09:30 Paolo Molaro The riddle of  Li, many origins 
10:00 Francesc Ferrer Axions 
10:30-11:00 Break Foyer, Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
11:00 Steve Abel Revisiting an old friend: domain wall problems in the light of adiabatic quantum computing 
11:30 Antonio Masiero Light hidden BSM physics for the g-2 puzzle 
12:00 Johannes Knapp Subir and the amazing boom in astroparticle physics
12:30 Subir Sarkar Concluding remarks 
12:45-13:30 Lunch & Departure Foyer, Martin Wood Lecture Theatre